maandag 19 juli 2010

What would it be like to treat yourself and your work as a treasure?

In the past few days, several things happened that I would like to share with you.

First thing was that I read a business woman expressing her wish for a partner who treats her like his biggest treasure. Can't we all relate to that ;)? It arose thoughts in me like how wonderful that would be, is it realistic (that skeptic voice, right?), when do I feel that way, how do I act myself towards my husband and how do I treat myself to start with.

Related to this, last Thursday, I saw the last piece of Lenette van Dongen's show on dutch TV. She is a performer on stage and sings as well. She talked about children (she couldn't have them), and she showed us a doll from her childhood which she gently caressed and displayed on stage. She put on holy (choir) music and we all looked silently at that doll. I was so moved, to see how holy this doll was. Just a doll! Tears in my eyes again now I am writing about it.

Of course it wasn't just about the doll. It was a tribute. I felt a deep recognition that I can really value myself and see my own holiness, and that I am so often killing it. By taking for granted what I do, who I am, and critisizing myself with thoughts like: "It's not good enough, I am not making enough money yet, my business isn't growing fast enough, etc.".

The day after, I talked to my business coach. How to further grow my business, how to value and price my service, how to help more customers, etc.. She said that I am GOLD, and I can really help people and companies. I am a gift. This resonates with the idea that each of us is created as a wonderful human being, that we have our unique purpose. I don't know about the truth of God and religion, but this idea has been moving around in my head for some time.

In fact, it was the basis of Wonderful at Work in the first place. What would your business, and our business world, look like if each of us would bring our Wonderful Self to the table? If we would free our minds and take the effort to really SEE the other person for what (s)he has to bring, and to look at ourselves that way. To take an open and appreciative attitude towards the natural diversity of talent, what is more: To make the most of it. Wouldn't that be a sustainable approach of doing business?

This morning I did a Change Your Mind meditation. I learned this particular way of meditation in a workshop of dr. Joe Dispenza (from the movie "What the bleep do we know..."). What did I want to change: From CRITISIZING myself and complaining about myself towards HONOURING myself and seeing my own holiness. So I did, I set for 1 hour, wrote about the changes I wanted to make, and did the meditation.

So, I am committed to VALUE and HONOUR myself and my work.

Do you also want to HONOUR yourself and what you do? Do you want to bring your Wonderful Self into action? Why wait untill you get external recognition to value yourself? When is external recognition ever going to be enough? When is your organisational position high enough, your sales big enough, your possessions impressive enough? Why not honour yourself in the first place and enjoy the ride. I invite you to join me and share your experiences. Please also let us know how you honour yourself. You can be an inspiration to all of us!

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  1. Thank you for the inspiration, Els!
    I just honored myself with a well deserved holiday. I enjoyed several days of spa treatments, saunas and glorious sunshine! I'm all recharged to create more!